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Contact Management

We provide a robust contact management systems that allow you to add and maintain your contacts on the system so you can send SMS to the saved contacts at any time.

You manage contacts just like a phone book by grouping them eg

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Colleagues

A single number or contact can belong to multiple group. This simplifies the process of sending messages as you don't have to copy numbers or upload every now and then. Just create the groups and reuse them at any time you want.

The Phone Book menu in xxxxx provides everything you need to do on Contact management .


Let's get started with a step by step process.

Step 1 - Create your contacts

Your contacts needs to be properly formatted before uploading. Our system accepts contacts in CSV format.

 -To create CSV, open excel and type your numbers with the first column as headers -see example screen 

Click on File, Save as and choose CSV(Comma Delimitted) to save as CSV. See screenshot below